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Online Raffle for 2024 Golf Classic

Here is your chance to win over 20 different raffle items and experiences! In addition to purchasing raffle tickets at the fundraiser on May 10th, raffle tickets are available before the event through May 8th at 8:00 pm. So even if you can’t attend the event (but we hope you can!), you can still participate in the online raffle. Or, even if you are attending the event, you can still purchase tickets before the event. Your raffle tickets will be added to the drawing that will take place at the event on May 10th. Winners will be announced at the Golf Classic fundraiser, and all winners will be contacted
by May 11th.

Tickets are just $5 ($20 minimum). You can purchase four (4) or more tickets and choose which item(s) you want to win.

  • Apply all to one item: Buy 10 tickets and apply all of them to one item (e.g. the Lotus Blossom gift certificate).

  • Split them up: Buy 10 tickets and allocate them across the raffle items of your choice (e.g. 3 NEFC, 3 Extra Innings, 4 Weston Nurseries).

Click the images below to add raffle tickets to your cart, and checkout when you are done. If you have any questions, contact Michelle Doyle. Thank you for your support of LS Boosters!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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