supports ALL varsity, junior varsity, freshman and club sports at L-S. The Boosters annually donate approximately $50,000 to the high school athletic program.

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Lincoln-Sudbury All Sports Boosters



The Lincoln-Sudbury All Sports Boosters enlists the broader community to raise and distribute funds to benefit L-S athletic teams, at all levels including 9th Grade, Junior Varsity, Varsity and Club. By responding to requests from the L-S athletic department, the Lincoln Sudbury All Sports Boosters provides essential funding to advance the L-S athletic curriculum.


From the L-S athletic department curriculum:

Athletics teaches:

  • Community service: athletes learn to serve a community and a purpose larger than themselves;
  • Wellness: athletes learn to tune their minds and bodies in the face of competition and fatigue;
  • Growth Mindset: athletes learn skills and coordination that develop through dedicated practice;
  • Fun: every game and practice is an opportunity to reconnect with the joy we all felt as young children.


Some notes about how we carry out our mission


How do teams access financial support?

Every fall, coaches and captains from all teams and clubs are invited to join our board for dinner and conversation about the mission of the L-S Boosters and how we might meet the needs of the L-S athletic teams. Coaches, Captains, and the Athletic Director make specific requests for financial support. These requests are reviewed by the LSRHS Athletic Director and a subcommittee of the L-S Boosters. The Athletic Director provides guidance and perspective on the requests that are then brought back to the larger L-S Boosters Board for review. The L-S All Sports Boosters reviews and responds to each team request, taking into consideration our guidelines, the success of our fundraising, and past requests made by each team. Our ability to meet financial requests is dependent upon broad community support.

What happens once a team makes a request?

The L-S All Sports Boosters uses the following guidelines in responding to team requests:

  • the purchase may serve the team for multiple years;
  • ideally, the purchase can be shared by multiple teams;
  • the Athletic Director supports the request;
  • the request is for an item or service not already covered in the athletic department budget.


Where does your membership fee go?

Membership fees provide members with the benefit of entrance to all home games (excluding playoff games) free of charge. In taking advantage of an L-S All Sports Boosters membership, your donation goes directly to the L-S All Sports Boosters Club. In contrast, fees collected upon entrance to events are not directed to the Boosters.


Thank you to our donors

Our donors are special people. By financially supporting the Lincoln Sudbury All Sports Boosters, you have made an investment in our student athletes and have shown a commitment to supporting our mission. Our athletic program would simply not be the caliber it is without you. Thank you for joining us in advancing teams, school, and community.