supports ALL varsity, junior varsity, freshman and club sports at L-S. The Boosters annually donate approximately $50,000 to the high school athletic program.

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GoFan Booster Member Instructions

Please keep in mind that GoFan mobile passes do not have QR codes or barcodes to scan at the gate on game day. Passes are validated visually by ticket staff on your mobile device at the gate. To access your tickets at the event gate, you can either:


  1. log into on your mobile browser
  2. use the GoFan app (Apple iOS only)
  3. click the View Tickets button in the confirmation email you receive when you redeem your Boosters membership as described below


When you arrive at the event, select the tickets you want to validate and select "Use Pass".

Obtain Booster Passes for LS Home Games

NOTE: You will only need to complete this process one time for the entire school year.


Click the link that was emailed to you from .



Click/Tap the “+” icon for each member of your immediate family who may use a pass, up to 6 passes. Click/Tap “GET N TICKETS” where N is the number of family members you have added.




Click/Tap ADD INFORMATION and enter a unique family member's name on each pass (the contact info for each pass can be the same). The passes will be emailed to whichever email is used to sign in to GoFan and will be saved in your GoFan account. Please do not press "use pass" until you are at the game.




These tickets will be redeemed at the door of all home games from your mobile device from the TICKETS menu/screen. The tickets will automatically renew before each home game. You do not need to get new tickets for each game - the pass will be good for the entire school year.



You will receive an email from with your season passes. Please save this email. You can click VIEW TICKETS from this one email for the entire season (e.g., before each event you attend when you arrive at the gate).


Transferring Boosters Passes

NOTE: Each family member who is going to be “accepting” a transferred ticket will have to create a free account on or on the GoFan app (iOS only) in order to accept and use the tickets.


If you have passes for all of your immediate family members on your account but plan to go to games separately (e.g., if parents go to the games together but their student typically goes separately), the person who received the electronic tickets can transfer a ticket to their family member(s) through the following steps:


  1. From the ticket confirmation email, simply click on "View My Tickets", or click/tap the TICKETS menu from the GoFan app.
  2. Click/Tap Transfer
  3. Select the family member’s ticket(s) you would like to transfer.
  4. Click/Tap TRANSFER PASS at the bottom of the screen, select the method you would like to transfer the ticket, and the ticket will be sent.


Please note that each pass can only be transferred once. 


You can also view a short video showing how to transfer tickets and accept ticket transfers here:


We appreciate your patience as we all adjust to this new system! We will have an updated booster membership list at the door of each game in case there are any issues.


If you have questions about using GoFan, please contact the Athletics Department at 978-443-9961, ext 3100, or LS Boosters membership team at