supports ALL varsity, junior varsity, freshman and club sports at L-S. The Boosters annually donate approximately $50,000 to the high school athletic program.

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Spring time is BUSY for the Boosters!  

Please scroll down to read about these important new items:

  • 15th Annual Golf Outing
  • Photos of senior athletes wanted for 2021 Senior Athlete Celebration


15th Annual Golf Outing

This year’s event will be held on May 14, 2021 at Wayland Golf.  

Please clink on the GOLF CLASSIC  tab above for information on how to register to golf and/or become a sponsor.  


Calling All Parents of Senior Athletes!

Dear Senior Parents, 

If you have a senior athlete, please see information below.

The Lincoln-Sudbury All Sports Booster Club will host its 19th annual Senior Athlete Celebration on Monday, May 24th. (Note: This is a student only event. We are hoping to hold this event in person depending on COVID guidelines-more details to follow) This is an event to recognize all seniors who have participated in 2020-2021 L-S interscholastic and club athletics and celebrate their dedication and contributions to LS's many successful teams. 

We are creating a slide-show which will include photos of each senior athlete on L-S teams. In order to include all athletes, we are depending on parents to supply these photos.


* Please send no more than 2 photos of your senior athlete per season. 

***For example, if your child is a member of the soccer and track team, please send in no more than 4 individual photos. Team/group shots are welcome additions***

* Ideas for Photos

-Action shots either alone or with other senior teammates 

-Candid sports shots

-Posed in uniform


*Please email digital photos to   no later than APRIL 16th. For spring sports only, the deadline is May 14th.

*Please include your child's name in the subject line and send photos as an attachment in the largest digital size possible-NOT embedded in an email.


The slide show is the highlight of the evening and the athletes are always thrilled to see themselves and friends in the video. Please be sure your athlete is included! 

Thank you for helping to make this event a success as we celebrate our athletes and their commitment, effort, camaraderie and sportsmanship.



Sue Ohler & Michelle Titus

L-S Sports Booster Senior Athlete Celebration Co-Chairs


Thank You Members!

We would like to thank and acknowledge all of our current 2020-2021 Lincoln-Sudbury All Sports Booster Members.  The Lincoln-Sudbury All Sports Booster Club is a volunteer organization that raises money for all of L-S sports teams and sports clubs. With this community’s tremendous support over the years, the Boosters have contributed over 1.3 million dollars to the L-S Athletic Department. Thank you for supporting all of our student athletes.

It still is not too late to join. Please click on the MEMBERSHIP tab above and join TODAY!

Thank you again to all of our current LS All Sports Booster Members (As of Sept. 30, 2020)

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LS Booster Membership Drive for the 2020-2021 School Year is Now Open!

Given these unprecedented times, sports programming at LS may look a bit different.   It remains uncertain what this school year will look like in terms of the ability to play seasonal sports, attend games as spectators and participate in community events.  Our students need our support now more than ever! Boosters will be supporting these teams in any way we can through this pandemic and hoping they can at least practice or work out together if they have to forgo their season. We hope you will continue to support us as we all navigate this new normal. The price of a family membership for the 2020-2021 school year will remain the same with a suggested donation of $85, however this year we are offer an LS SUPER FAN membership for $125 that includes a coupon for 10% off one item in the LS School Store. 


Please make your donation today by selecting the Membership Tab above.

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